Welcome to the Kotti demo site, where you can test drive the Kotti CMS.

What is Kotti?

Kotti is a high-level, 'Pythonic' web application framework. It includes a small and extensible CMS application called the Kotti CMS.

What you can do here

This is a demo site that's reset every 24 hours. There's three default accounts that you can play around with:

  1. admin / qwerty
  2. owner / qwerty
  3. bob / qwerty

Click here to log in: Log in.

Once you're logged in, you'll see the black editor bar on the top of the page. It will allow you to switch between editing and viewing the current page as it will appear to the visitors.


Wonder what more you can do with Kotti? What license it has? Read the manual for more information:


Users and Groups

Note that only the admin and owner users have editing rights in the root of the site. The bob user can edit pages in bobs-department only.

Bob is part of Bob's Group. It's Bob's Group that has the Editor role in bobs-department. Look at the Share tab of Bob's Department to see that Bob's Group has the editor role there.